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Introduction to the Equality Act videoVideo: Understanding the Equality Act 2010

Our Chair, Trevor Phillips and Stephen Alambritis, Commissioner, introduce the Equality Act 2010.

Podcast: reasonable adjustments in the workplace

John Wadham, our legal director discusses common queries on reasonable adjustments with Steve Williams, Head of Equality at Acas.

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When you have completed this introductory guide, we recommend that you read our non-statutory guidance.

Key questions about the Act

We have compiled a list of the ten most popular questions we've been asked about the Equality Act

View our answers to your questions

Bite-sized training modules

How to use this Starter Kit

Read about this Starter Kit, what it's for and and how to use it online and in your organisation. You can also find out what other resources and downloads are available to help roll out the training.

Module 1
What is the Equality Act and who does it apply to?

This first training module is an introduction to the Equality Act for everyone, whether you employ people or provide a service.

Practical positive action (PDF)

Read our guide for some practical ideas about how and when to apply positive action. It includes a range of scenarios with helpful tips.

Advertisements and the Equality Act (PDF)


Modules 2-5
For employers:

This section covers how the Equality Act will affect you and issues you may need to consider such as how to manage your team and people starting and leaving.

Modules 6-9
For service providers:

This section covers what you need to know if you provide goods, facilities or services (free or paid for) to the general public.

Provision of Facilties and the Equality Act (PDF)

Try the first in a series of exercises that take you through Equality Act considerations.

Dismissal and the Equality Act (PDF)

Reasonable Adjustments and The Equality Act (PDF)