Working Better aims to identify and promote innovative ways of working which help meet the challenges of the 21st century.

FamilyWhat is Working Better?

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Older workerThe over 50s

The new work generation - our report looking at the work aspirations of the over 50s.

Disabled employee at the Metro Centre

The Perfect Partnership

'Workplace solutions for disabled people', our new report on the work aspirations and experiences of disabled people today, which aims to stimulate workplace change.
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Other Working Better reports

Meeting the changing needs of families, workers and employers in the 21st century

Our first report focusing on reforms to parental leave and the extension of flexible working to all types of workers.

Childcare Matters: Improving choices and chances for parents and children

Our policy paper exploring the role of childcare in supporting parents to balance work and caring responsibilities.

Fathers, family and work

Insights into how fathers experience and think about work and care in Britain today.


A Managers' Guide to Flexible Working

Practical advice to help business managers implement innovative working methods to improve productivity and customer service, save money and enable employees to balance their work and personal lives.

Sex and Power 2011

While British women are better educated than ever before, there is continuing trend of women being passed over for top jobs in Britain.

Working Better research

Our reports are based on evidence identified in a series of research reports.