Flexible working: Family Friendly working hours taskforce report

As part of our drive to promote working better, the Commission was represented on the Department for Work and Pensions’ Family friendly working hours Taskforce. A number of businesses, the CBI and TUC were also part of the taskforce.

The taskforce has now published its report 'Flexible Working: Working for Families, Working for Business'. The report makes several recommendations aimed at encouraging and supporting employers to improve the availability and quality of family friendly working practices for working parents.

Download the full report in PDF format.

We have been able to add our expertise through the Working Better project which has made great progress in identifying new and innovative ways of working for working parents, older workers. We are now exploring how flexibility might open up opportunities for disabled workers through the next phase of the project.

Find out more about Working Better.

Flexibility for the future: The Government’s response to the recommendations of the Family Friendly Working Hours Taskforce

On Tuesday 30 March 2010, the Government published its response to 'Flexible working: working for families, working for business'.

Read more about the Government's response to the task force.

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