Human rights research

Ongoing projects

Information privacy and human rights

Research team: Charles Raab (University of Edinburgh) and Benjamin Goold (University of British Columbia)

The aim of the project is to explore the issues surrounding information privacy and human rights, and the findings will be used to develop the Commission's expertise, understanding and profile in this area of work. The team will carry out a review of existing literature on information privacy and human rights, hold a seminar with experts from the academic, policy and legal communities, and conduct a roundtable discussion with key stakeholders, experts and senior Commission staff.

This project will report later in 2010.

The impact of counter-terrorism legislation on the Muslim community

Research team: Tufyal Choudhury and Helen Fenwick (University of Durham)

The aim is to explore the impacts of counter-terrorism legislation and any relevant counter-terrorism policies on ethnic minority groups in general, and the Muslim community in particular. The team will examine national level statistical data, conduct four case studies which will include semi-structured interviews and focus groups, and a series of semi-structured interviews with politicians, policy-makers, Muslim organisations, human rights lawyers and civil servants.

This project will report later in 2010.

Completed research

To gather evidence for our Human Rights Inquiry we commissioned research on specific areas that we had identified would help with the inquiry. Find out more and download these research reports.

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