BSL videos: the inquiry, consultation and various follow up reports

The Commission has conducted a Formal inquiry into disability-related harassment which revealed in 2011 that there was a systemic failure in the way that public authorities deal with disability related harassment. In response to these findings, the Commission produced a set of recommendations as to how to identify and eliminate harassment.

You can find all British Sign Language videos outlining the inquiry's work and progress to date below:

  1. Manifesto for change: Progress report 2013.
    An early indicator report of the extent to which agencies have complied. Published in December 2013.
  2. Out in the open: a manifesto for change. The inquiry's final set of recommendation to public authorities. Published in October 2012.
  3. An introduction to the inquiry and consultation.
  4. An explanation of the inquiry scope
  5. A summary of the responses to the consultation on Terms of Reference.
  6. A list of the questions for disabled people and details of how you can respond.

Manifesto for Change: Progress report 2013

An early indicator report looking at the progress which agencies have made over 2012 to 2013 in relation to the Commission's recommendations.

Out in the open: a manifesto for change

The follow up report to Hidden in plain sight, containing the commitments by agencies as to how they have or will identify and eliminate disability related harassment over the coming years.



Introduction to the inquiry

A short introduction to the Commission's Formal inquiry into disability related harassment.

The inquiry scope

We explain why the the Commission held an inquiry and the significance of the consultation process.

Summary of responses to the consultation on Terms of Reference

This is a summary of the responses to the consulation on the Terms of Reference.

Questions for disabled people

This clip has all the questions we are asking.


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