Research reports 31-40

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Research report 31- Developing the Equality Measurement Framework: selecting the indicators

Report 31 Developing the EMF: selecting the indicatorsThe EMF is intended to monitor social outcomes from an equality and human rights perspective, providing a baseline of evidence to inform policy priorities and helping to identify inequalities that need further investigation.

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Research report 32: Equal opportunities and the Scottish Parliament: a progress review

Research Report 32This progress review was commissioned to contribute to understanding of the progress made by the Scottish Parliament and Scottish Government in using the equal opportunities powers granted under the Scotland Act 1998.

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Research report 33: The place of equal opportunities in the devolution settlement: a legal analysis

Research Report 33This paper examines the existing devolution settlement and explores the possibilities of adjusting or amending the devolution settlement to enhance the effective protection and promotion of equal opportunities.

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Research report 34 - Sexual orientation research review 2008

Research report 34This review brings together the existing research and evidence on sexual orientation, in order to inform future policy development and strategy in relation to sexual orientation in England, Scotland and Wales.

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Research report 35 - Sexual orientation explored: A study of identity, attraction, behaviour and attitudes in 2009

Research report 35This study was devised to increase our knowledge of the nature of sexual orientation, to capture changing public attitudes and to investigate the impact of disadvantage experienced by lesbian, gay or bisexual (LGB) people. YouGov was commissioned to develop the study in December 2008.

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Research report 36: Integration in the workplace: emerging employment practice on age, sexual orientation and religion or belief

Report 36 Integration in the workplaceReport into how a range of UK organisations have established equality policies encouraging employees from diverse backgrounds to participate fully in the workplace.

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Research report  37 - Estimating the size and composition of the lesbian, gay, and bisexual population in Britain

Research report 37This research explores approaches to estimating the size of the LGB population of Britain for which there is currently no reliable estimate. Achieving an accurate measure of this population is critical for promoting equality and challenging discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation.

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Research summary 38 - Homophobic hate crimes and hate incidents

Research report 38This paper includes definitions of homophobic hate crime, and homophobic hate incidents; gaps, weaknesses and trends in data sources; the prevalence and impact of homophobic hate crime upon LGB women and men; the barriers faced by LGB women and men when reporting homophobic hate crimes; and recommendations and ways forward.

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Research summary 39 - The experiences of lesbian, gay and bisexual staff and students in higher education

Research summary 39This summary provides new insights into LGB data collection in higher education (HE) and presents findings from an ECU funded qualitative and quantitative study covering England, Wales and Northern Ireland, to offer authoritative evidence into the experiences of LGB staff and students in HE. 

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Research summary 40 - Moving forward: putting sexual orientation in the public domain

Research summary 40This paper discusses putting sexual orientation data into the public domain. It recognises that though there are obvious tensions between whether people regard sexual orientation as a public or private issue, sexual orientation has always been a public matter, though more often to the detriment of lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) people themselves.

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