Public sector equality duty in Wales

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This duty will help public authorities address inequalities and contribute towards a fairer society. We are helping public authorities use the duty to achieve better outcomes for everyone.

What we are doing in Wales

The Commission has a unique role as regulator of the PSED. Our approach in Wales is to make the most of this powerful new opportunity to promote equality by:

  • Encouraging
  • Guiding
  • Monitoring


Showing how the duty can deliver better outcomes, highlighting and sharing good practice, particularly through our Equality Exchange Network.


Helping practitioners understand their responsibilities and how best to drive public service improvement.

Our guidance:


Targeted monitoring to identify and share trends and good practice. Monitoring reports shared with government to assist in measuring progress and ministerial reporting.

In addition to our specific monitoring work for 2013-14 we have commissioned NatCen to provide a fuller view on public authorities progress on the PSED.

A summary of public authority equality objectives in four key sectors.

The PSED and the specific duties written by the Welsh Government came into operation in April 2011.

Our first report focuses on a single aspect of the specific duties in the key sectors: health, local government, fire and rescue and universities.