Human rights are the basic rights and freedoms that belong to every person in the world.


(White Woman at muddy window) smallHuman Trafficking Inquiry

Read about our Inquiry into Human Trafficking in Scotland and our one year Follow On Report.


UN Disability Convention

Find out more about our work with the Scottish Human Rights Commission on the UN Disability Convention.



Guides, link to Human Rights: practical guidance

Practical guidance

We have brought together and reviewed human rights guidance produced for people working in the public sector or in organisations carrying out public functions.

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What are human rights?

Information about the basic rights and freedoms that belong to everyone and the Human Rights Act

Using your human rights

If your human rights have been breached, assess your possible options both in and out of court

International framework

Our work in relation to the Council of Europe, the EU, the UN, including monitoring UN treaties, and other NHRIs




Disability Harassment Inquiry

The report 'Hidden in plain sight' was published following our inquiry into disability-related harassment and suggests that Scotland has made significant progress since 1999 in adult protection law and policy. However, some challenges remain.

Bill of Rights response

Our response to the government's examination into the creation of a new Bill of Rights. Read the response.

UN treaty Scorecard

Our Scorecard summarises UK progress in relation to UN human rights treaties.