Funding from the Commission

In this section you will find information about the funds available from the Commission for agencies working on equality and human rights issues as well as the time frames, application forms and guidance.

Status of the Strategic Funding Programme

We have now announced the recipients of our strategic funding programme, which will award nearly £10 million to 61 community and voluntary sector organisations across England, Scotland and Wales. 

Download list of successful applicants (Pdf)

Read more in our press release.

Any enquiries about funding applications can be emailed to and will be dealt with as quickly as possible.

Priority funding areas

The shape and content of the Commission's funding programme, including the priority funding areas, are determined by the Commission’s three year strategic plan and equality scheme.  Over the period 2009-12 the funding programme will support work that underpins our three year strategy. We will particularly prioritise the following areas:

  • Priority One – Providing guidance, advice and advocacy services; Infrastructure development and capacity building
  • Priority Two – Good Relations
  • Priority Three - Legal advice on equality and human rights issues

We hope to fund a range of projects around Britain which can contribute towards strategic aims at national level, as well as achieving an impact in their locality.  In making final decisions on which projects to fund, the potential for a project to have impact beyond its immediate locality (for instance in testing a new approach to a problem which could be applied more widely) will be a key part of our criteria. Find out more about our eligibility criteria for our funding programme.

More about our funding programme


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