Modules 2-5: if you employ people

Module 2: An overview of the law

Welcome to Module Two - a two minute overview of what the Equality Act sets out to do and how it affects you if you are an employer.

By the end of this Module, you should have a good sense of how the law affects the organisation or business you run and which areas of the law you need to know about at specific times during your employee’s time with your organisation.

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Module 3: Day to day management of your team

Welcome to Module Three - a ten minute digest of the key information from the Equality Act that relates to how you manage your team on a day-to day basis.

By the end of this Module, you should have a basic working knowledge of how the law provides a framework for you to avoid, perhaps unintentionally, doing something unfair in the following scenarios:

  • Deciding people’s pay
  • Providing training opportunities
  • Setting a dress code
  • Giving everyone fair access to the facilities you have at work.

This Module also introduces the concept of positive action, although this is an area of the law that is good practice rather than an absolute requirement.

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Module 4: People starting and leaving the organisation

Welcome to Module Four - an eight minute digest of what equality law says about recruiting new employees and managing the process fairly when they leave.

By the end of this Module, you should have a general overview of what the law says about:

  • Recruiting new people including advertising vacancies, conducting interviews and selecting the right person for the job
  • Making promotions
  • Managing dismissals, redundancy and retirement
  • Avoiding unlawful discrimination when giving references

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Module 5: Flexible working and time off

Welcome to Module Five - a five minute introduction to what equality law says about flexible working and time off.

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