Ministers' endorsements of 'Hidden in plain sight'

Minister for Disabled People, Maria Miller MP said:


Maria Miller MP'Disability related harassment is unacceptable and has no place in a civilised society. We need to work together to do more to change negative attitudes, prevent disability harassment and hate crime from happening and protect those who are targeted.'

'The Government is working with disabled people and their organisations to improve the recording and reporting of hate crime. Schemes such as True Vision now allow people to report hate crime online without going directly to the police and we are publishing central statistics on hate crime for the first time.'

'The EHRC sets out a number of detailed recommendations which we will consider carefully and respond to it in due course.'


Shadow Minister for Disabled People, Margaret Curran MP said:


Margaret-Curran-MP-web'This report highlights the unacceptable scale of harassment and violence that disabled people face on a daily basis in this country; it is a wake-up call to society – and to politicians – that we must be uncompromising in our determination to spot the signs of abuse and act quickly to stamp them out.'

'It is only by taking the time to understand and learn from the experiences of disabled people, that we can work together to create a more equal, caring and respectful society. This report from the EHRC is an invaluable intervention in coming to grips with that challenge.'


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