Call for Evidence

Call for Evidence

We were determined to learn the nature, extent, causes, and policy and practices in relation to human trafficking in Scotland. To do this we gathered evidence from a range of interests. Our call for evidence was targeted at all organisations in Scotland’s civil society and the public and private sectors with an interest in or knowledge of this issue. Below are the details of our call for call for evidence. 


We recognise that human trafficking is hard to penetrate and we think that many organisations in Scotland are concerned it is happening in their areas. So we are interested in not only your knowledge and experiences but also your opinions on trafficking as only this will get us closer to understanding this pernicious phenomenon.


How to return the questionnaire

The questionnaire shouldn’t take too long to complete. We hope you will answer all the questions and give as much information and evidence as possible. However we will be equally grateful if you prefer to answer only some questions. Please give us your response by Friday 25 March by:



Human Trafficking Inquiry
Equality and Human Rights Commission
PO Box 26961
G2 9DU


0141 228 5912, marked clearly for the attention of Human Trafficking Inquiry


Anything you tell us will be treated as confidential, will not be passed to any other organisations, and will be used only for the purposes of this Inquiry. Your response or any part of it will not be published in a manner that may identify you and / or your organisation without your consent. Your response will be recorded and stored securely.

Thank you

Thank you for responding to this call for evidence and helping us to make findings and recommendations against human trafficking.

We read all responses we receive. To ensure confidentiality, we will send an automated response only, thanking you for your email and confirming that it will be dealt with accordingly. 

However, if your email raises a specific query that you want answering, we will send a response addressing your query as soon as we can.

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