The Commission in Wales champions equality and human rights for everyone living or working in Wales.

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Equality Exchange Annual Conference 2014

Wednesday 4th June 2014   Llandrindod Wells

Equality in a Changing Landscape

This year’s Conference will help delegates to position equality and human rights in ways that increase the chance of commitments translating into action and steps being taken today rather than postponed till tomorrow.

New report reveals 'a lost decade' in attempts to get more women into top jobs in Wales  

The Commission's Who Runs Wales? 2014 report looks at key areas of Welsh life, including politics, local government, health and the private sector, in order to assess the gender balance at decision-making tables in Wales.

Public sector workers discussing equality

Guidance on the Equality Duty for the Welsh Public Sector

Read the Commission’s guidance on the specific steps that Welsh listed bodies must take to help promote equality for anyone protected by the Equality Act 2010. The eight non-statutory guides are set out in the supporting documents below.

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Equality and Human Rights Commission and Welsh Government sign Concordat

The Equality and Human Rights Commission and the Welsh Givernment signed a Concordat that sets out an agreed approach for an effective relationship between the two organisations.

Annual human rights lecture
On Tuesday 10 December, the Equality and Human Rights Commission Wales held its Annual Human Rights Lecture as part of the events taking place across the world to mark International Human Rights Day.

Hate Crime Awareness Week
An opportunity to increase understanding of what hate crime is, encourage reporting, and promote local support services. Our Hidden in Plain Sight report reveals the extent of disability-related harassment in Wales.

Guidance on building a fairer Wales
The Equality and Human Rights Commission has today published Technical Guidance to assist public authorities in using the Public Sector Equality Duty Wales as a tool to improve public services in Wales. The new guidance will also assist courts and tribunals in passing judgement on issues of equality law.

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EHRC Response to The Commission on Devolution in Wales

The Commission has provided a formal response on the review of the powers of the National Assembly for Wales. 

How fair is Wales?

This Review brings together, for the first time, evidence to answer the question How fair is Wales?. It offers a new perspective on some persistent inequalities and it identifies some new challenges.

Your Business - Workplace policies on domestic abuse and mental health

Our 'Who do you see? Living together in Wales' research found that prejudices persist towards people with mental health conditions and domestic abuse. These are two areas that employers in Wales should make their business in order to tackle sickness absence, retain skilled and experienced staff and ensure staff feel safe and supported in the workplace.

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