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Advisory committees

Advisory Committees

Audit and Risk Assurance Committee (ARAC)

ARAC supports the Board and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) as Accounting Officer, by providing appropriate independent advice and constructive challenge to give assurance that:

  • overall governance arrangements are in place and are appropriate and operating effectively
  • the management and financial control framework is effective and supported by an appropriate compliance culture
  • robust and effective risk assessment and mitigation and contingency is embedded and operating effectively in financial and non-financial management processes, in line with best practice
  • external financial reporting is prudent, accurate, appropriate and consistent with Financial Reporting Manual (FReM) accounting policies
  • internal financial and performance reporting is timely, prudent, appropriate and consistent with external financial reports
  • internal audit assurance provides an appropriate level of comfort to the Accounting Officer and relationships with the National Audit Office are effective.

ARAC is chaired by a Commissioner, Susan Johnson OBE.

We have published full ARAC terms of reference (see annex 4 of our governance manual)

Human Resources and Remuneration Committee

The purpose of the HRRC is to provide strategic focus and assurance in respect of the Board’s responsibilities for matters relating to the EHRC’s human resources arrangements, including matters relating to pay and conditions of employment. It does this by:

  • reviewing the comprehensiveness of policies and procedures in meeting the Board and Chief Executive as Accounting Officer’s needs as an employer, reviewing the reliability and integrity of relevant management systems and providing advice and recommendations to the Board and senior management.
  • contributing to the continuing development of human resources strategies, which support the strategic objectives and priorities of the Commission as a good employer and comply with current legal requirements.
  • oversight of organisational review and change programmes, as initiated by the Board, in consultation with the CEO.

HRRC is chaired by a Commissioner, Caroline Waters OBE.

We have published full HRRC terms of reference.

Last updated: 17 May 2019