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Welsh language standards

With us, you have a right to: documents, signs, leaflets, websites, social media messages, correspondence, and job applications in Welsh.

More information about your rights to use the Welsh language is on the Welsh Language Commissioner's website

Engaging with Welsh language speakers

We understand how important it is that speakers of Welsh have the same access to public services as English-speakers.

That’s why we’re working hard to comply with the Welsh language standards (PDF) set out by the Welsh government, to make sure that Welsh speakers are treated fairly.

We welcome written correspondence in Welsh, and we respond to it in Welsh. Corresponding in Welsh won’t lead to delay. We also welcome phone calls in Welsh and produce Welsh versions of our publications and web pages (including this one).

Read more about what we offer for Welsh language speakers:

How we meet the standards

Read our reports on our compliance with the Welsh language standards:

Contact our Wales office

We welcome being contacted in Welsh or English. If you contact us in Welsh we will respond in Welsh and this will not cause a delay.

Address: Companies House (1st Floor), Crown Way, Cardiff, CF14 3U

Map: Cardiff office Google map

Telephone: 02920 447710

Email: wales@equalityhumanrights.com

Last updated: 08 Dec 2022