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Expenditure details

Transparency on what we spend

We are the independent regulator for equality, human rights and good relations in Britain.

We are a statutory body (a body set up by law) established under the Equality Act 2006 and we're funded by the Government Equalities Office.

The government made a commitment to publish expenditure transactions over £25,000 online. We have opted to publish our transactions over £500, which is below the government's minimum requirements.

Government departments are asked to publish their expenditure information, taking a consistent approach to timing, format and content. We follow guidance published on the Treasury website.

Points to note:

  • expenditure transactions are recorded on the day of actual payment and include non-refundable VAT
  • personal information, such as wages and salaries and pension contributions, falling under the Data Protection Act 1998, is excluded
  • we publish information about salaries separately
  • information is published by the 15th working day of each month

Last updated: 15 Apr 2019