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Legal support project: helping people to get legal assistance

Our legal support project provides funding and legal assistance to help people who have experienced discrimination to pursue their claims and access justice.

We want to make sure that people can access justice when they are wronged and have a fair trial in the criminal justice system.

Pilot project: disability discrimination cases

People who have experienced disability discrimination may find it difficult to take legal action because of a shortage of funding or assistance.

In 2017, we set out to improve the situation by launching the legal support project.

The pilot scheme provided funding and legal assistance for individuals who had experienced disability discrimination.

In total, we provided £189,000 for legal assistance across 94 cases.

Thanks to the Commission’s funding, Tara Porter was able to pursue a case against Network Rail on behalf of her son Owen, who was unable to use his local station because it did not have step-free access. Without the funding, Tara would not have been able to access advice from a barrister.

After the success of the pilot project, we launched more rounds of funding to help with cases of discrimination in education, housing and social security. These schemes are now closed.

Our current project looks at help with transport discrimination claims.

Last updated: 06 Sep 2017