Sophie, a wheelchair user, brushes her hair looking in the mirror in her bathroom

Housing and disabled people: Britain’s hidden crisis

Our inquiry into housing for disabled people looked at whether the accessible and adaptable housing available in Great Britain is fulfilling disabled people’s rights to live independently.

'For at least two years I didn’t have proper access to any kind of bathing facilities.'

June and Michelle had to fight for accessible housing. 

Their lives were eventually transformed by adaptations.

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Read our report

Our report reveals that there is a significant shortage of accessible homes and that many disabled people are frustrated by the housing system.

Read the report: Great Britain's hidden crisis

Read the report: Wales's hidden crisis 

Read the report: Scotland's hidden crisis 

'I like to do as much as I can for myself. There are a few adaptations in the house to make life a little bit easier.'

We asked disabled people to give us an insight into their lives at home.

Their selfie videos reveal just how important personalised adaptations are.

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Sophie in lift pressing button

'Tailor-made services helped me to return to who I was before.'

Our case studies highlight the impact that accessible housing can have on people's lives. 

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The ‘other’ hidden housing crisis

Susan Johnson, one of our Commissioners, says that change is possible but governments need to act now.

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Urgent action needed on housing for disabled people

Sue Adams, Chief Executive of Care and Repair, says we have a postcode lottery when it comes to adapting homes for disabled people.

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