Immigration Bill, House of Commons, Briefing for Committee Stage (Briefing in support of Amendment numbers 222 and 226 to Schedule 6) 

The Commission welcomes the provisions in the Immigration Bill designed to tackle illegal working and enhance the enforcement of labour market rules.

This briefing supports amendments to Schedule 6 to the Bill, which is given effect by clause 34 and which changes the arrangements in place under the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 for providing support for failed asylum seekers.  The effect of Schedule 6 is that people with children in their household at the time that their asylum claim or appeal is finally rejected will no longer be automatically eligible for accommodation and financial support.

This briefing supports Amendment 222 to Schedule 6 to the Bill, which provides for a right of appeal against a decision to refuse or discontinue support to failed asylum seekers who are unable to leave the UK. It also supports Amendment 226, which provides for refused asylum seeking families to continue receiving accommodation and financial support.

In the Commission’s analysis, the proposed amendments significantly reduce the risk of violation of Convention rights and are necessary to protect the welfare and best interests of children.

Download the full briefing here.

Last updated: 22 Apr 2016