Trans reading list

The following is a selection of relevant books and journal articles on transgender issues. Please email our Library and Information Services Manager if you have a suggestion for a book or journal article to add to this list.

a:gender (2007), Gender Identity and Employment Monitoring: A Transsexual/Transgender/Intersex Perspective, London: Home Office.

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Burns, C. (2005), A Basis for Evaluating Care Approaches and Services for Trans People, Stockport:

Burns, C. (2006), Not so much a Care Path… More a Steeplechase, Stockport: Press for Change.

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Whittle, S. and Turner, L. (2007) 'Sex Changes'? Paradigm Shifts in 'Sex' and 'Gender' Following the Gender Recognition Act?, Sociological Research Online, 12 (1).

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