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Past projects in Scotland

Experiences of people with a learning disability in the Scottish Criminal Justice System

In autumn 2016 the Commission in Scotland undertook some work to understand the issues and disadvantages faced by people with learning disabilities in the criminal justice system. This work included contracting a researcher to look at the way various agencies treated and supported individuals with a learning disability who were accused or convicted of a crime. Read the research briefing on experiences of people with a learning disability in the Scottish Criminal Justice System.

Responding to prejudice-based bullying in schools

In March 2015 the Equality and Human Rights Commission published research into the scale and impact of prejudice-based bullying in Scottish secondary schools. The research, based on findings from 1,250 pupils and 330 teachers, concludes that procedures for supporting pupils being bullied could be improved. One in four of the pupils surveyed said that they were aware of peers in their school experiencing prejudice-based bullying, while just over half of pupils who had themselves experienced bullying said they had reported it to their school.  The most commonly experienced forms of prejudice-based bullying included race, disability, sexual orientation and perceived socio-economic status. Read more.

Engaging with businesses in Scotland

We promoted our Employer Guidance and our work on rights in pregnancy and maternity including producing case studies to assist employers in recognising what discrimination at work can look like; we transferred the recommendations from the Commission’s Inquiry into the meat processing sector to the fisheries and food processing industries in Scotland. Read more 

Detailed analysis of Scottish data from the 2011 Census

In 2014 we contracted the University of Stirling to produce three themed information resources drawn from Scottish data in the 2011 census to inform public policy and service delivery.

They sought to identify trends and issues not available in routine Scottish statistics which describe the experiences of people with protected characteristics (for those characteristics for which information is collected through the census). The trends identified in the  experiences of older people with protected characteristics within the themes of unpaid care, economic activity, housing and health were published in a research briefing in autumn 2015. Read more.

Modern Apprenticeships

The uptake of Modern Apprenticeships in Scotland are typified by significant gender segregation, with ethnic minorities and disabled people also appearing to have low levels of access to all forms of apprenticeships. This project looked at recent data for employment programmes for women and men, ethnic minorities, disabled people, LGBT people, people of faith or belief and on the basis of age, and explored the extent to which Government - and industry - pressure and funding can contribute to more equalised outcomes for all.Read more. 

Equality and Human Rights Impact Assessment

The Commission worked with the Scottish Human Rights Commission to design an approach to support assessment of impact which takes into account both equality and human rights.

'Out in the Open - A Manifesto for Change'

The Commission published ‘Out in the Open – a Manifesto for Change’, a follow up report to their formal Inquiry into Disability Related harassment. Read more.  

Improving Local Equality Data

This was a partnership project that provided practical and specialist support to four councils in developing and using an equality evidence base to measure and evaluate progress towards key outcomes. Read more. 

Mitigating Action within Scottish public bodies

The Commission in Scotland published a study looking at the impact Equality Impact Assessments have had in reducing negative impact of policy changes on equality groups.Read more. 

Inquiry into Human Trafficking in Scotland

In February 2010 the Commission in Scotland launched an Inquiry into the extent and nature of human trafficking in Scotland, with a particular focus on commercial sexual exploitation.  The report was launched in November 2011. Read more.

Disability Harassment Inquiry

Our inquiry revealed that hundreds of thousands of disabled people regularly experience violence and bullying, much of which is going unrecognised by public authorities. Read more. 

Equal Marriage: symposium and report

In September 2011 the Commission in Scotland held a specially convened symposium on equal access to marriage. Click on the link above to download the report from the event 'Equal Access to Marriage: Ending the segregation of same-sex couples and transgender people in Scotland'. Read more. 

Sikh articles of faith guidance

The Commission in Scotland with support from the Scottish Government developed good practice guidance for employers and service providers on Sikh articles of faith in Scotland. Read more

Counting The Cost

Following the introduction of the Concordat and the removal of ring-fenced funding, the Commission examined the extent to which local authorities in Scotland have considered their public sector duties when making funding decisions. Our report sets out the findings, which have significant implications, particularly given the current economic climate. Read more

Information on other past Scotland projects can be found through the National Archives snapshots of our website or if you are unable to find what you need contact us on 

Last updated: 13 Jun 2017