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Research in Scotland

Research currently taking place

We are doing research looking at whether legal aid enables people who raise a discrimination complaint in Scotland to get justice.

Find out how to get involved in the legal aid research.

Scotland research reports

The Commission is committed to addressing the most severe and stubborn disadvantage. Our purpose is not just to reduce discrimination, but also to see a fair deal for all; the Commission’s mandate is for everyone.

In order to achieve our purpose we need evidence of where the most significant and intractable inequalities lie, and we need to be able to understand the underlying causes. For this we produce or commission high quality evidence and analysis that we use to inform our work.

Effectiveness of the PSED Specific Duties in Scotland

This report looks at how well the Scottish Public Sector Equality Duty specific duties help public bodies achieve their equality obligations.

Fairer Scotland Duty: Socio-economic requirements research report

This research report looks at how duties on public sector bodies in Scotland have worked to reduce socio-economic disadvantage. (Published September 2018)

Housing and disabled people: Scotland's hidden crisis

In 2016 we began our inquiry into housing for disabled people. We looked at whether the availability of accessible and adaptable housing, and the support services around it, is fulfilling disabled people’s rights to live independently. The inquiry published its GB, Scotland and Wales reports in May 2018.

  • EU8 migrants in Scotland: 2011 Census analysis summary (November 2016)

  • Scottish Social Attitudes 2015: Attitudes to discrimination and positive action (September 2016)

    The Equality and Human Rights Commission Scotland (EHRC) and the Scottish Government jointly funded a module within the 2015 Scottish Social Attitudes Survey (SSA) to find out about attitudes to discrimination in Scotland.  This includes questions on general attitudes to prejudice, personal relationships, equality of opportunity in the labour market, parental leave, religious dress and symbols, positive action and discrimination in the workplace.

    This is the fourth time SSA has included questions on attitudes to discrimination (previous studies were in 2002, 2006 and 2010) and provides an insight into how public attitudes have changed over time.

    The EHRC press release on the launch of this research can be read here.

This page covers our work in Scotland. To find out about research carried out across Great Britain, please go to our research.

Last updated: 14 Mar 2019