Giving you the practical advice and guidance you need

by Sarah Veale CBE

Published: 09 Aug 2015

This week we’re delighted to see our pregnancy and maternity guidance toolkit go live as part of our #worksforme campaign. 

We’re all aware of the challenges we face in creating a fairer working environment for everyone. Having talked to thousands of organisations and their employees, we know that part of the challenge is employers lacking awareness - or the resources - to properly manage maternity, and this toolkit is aimed at helping them.

We’ve created it specifically to help give guidance and advice on good practice to employers big and small. It covers everything from maternity leave to paternity leave, from pregnancy notice to adoption rights.

We’ve worked with Maternity Action, the UK's leading charity committed to improving the health and well-being of pregnant women and their partners, to ensure our guidance works for pregnant employees as well as those mums back at work.

What’s in the toolkit?

We’ve created it to take employers through the maternity lifecycle, from the type of policies you should ideally have in place even before an employee tells you she is pregnant, through to successfully managing a return to work and beyond.

It’s written simply and clearly and sets out your legal obligations as an employer as well as suggesting good practice that takes you beyond your legal obligations.

Here is some of the useful content it features:

  •  Checklists to help you plan everything from paternity leave to adoption rights
  •  Personalised calendars to give you reminders of key dates 
  •  Sample letters and policies you can customise for your own business
  •  Up-to-date, sensible guidance on issues like dealing with flexible working requests, managing maternity leave and how to claim back maternity pay.

We’ve made it freely available to everyone so take a look at the toolkit and see what else it can offer. We hope you find it useful and that it works for you and your business.