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by David Isaac

Published: 14 Sep 2016

I’m delighted to welcome you to the Working Forward initiative. Members of the coalition of high-profile employers and leading industry bodies have committed to supporting pregnant women and new mothers in the workplace.

Earlier this year, the Commission published research with the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) revealing that 77% of new mothers reported they had at least one negative or possible discriminatory experience at work. Conversely, the majority of employers (84%) recognised that it was in their interest to support pregnant employees and those on maternity leave. 

Working Forward aims to bridge this gap and bring about a significant change by working with companies on four key focus areas: leadership from the top down; ensuring confident employees; training and supporting line managers; and flexible working practices.

In the current economic climate it is more important than ever that business retain and capitalise on all of their employees’ skills and talents, regardless of gender. It has been proven time and again that companies with the most diverse workforces gain a competitive edge and, according to research from McKinsey, are 15 per cent more likely to have financial returns above their industry median.

By taking this journey with us, you will also gain access to a network of like-minded CEOs, HR Directors and line managers, and exclusive content including expert blogs, video case studies and online training. All of this will help you develop forward-thinking policies, programmes and initiatives, and ultimately bring about positive long-term cultural change for your business.

This initiative is all about dialogue, enabling organisations to share ideas and best practice to implement solutions that really work. Together we will raise the bar, showing strong leadership and inspiring business of all sizes and from all sectors to join us and ensure that female talent is nurtured and valued.

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