Angiolini Review: long way to go on serious incidents and deaths in custody

Published: 30 Oct 2017

The independent review into serious incidents and deaths in custody, by Dame Elish Angiolini, today published its report. Equality and Human Rights Commission Chief Executive Rebecca Hilsenrath said:

“The police have a duty to protect the lives of people in detention, the public deserves full confidence in our justice system, and the state must investigate any death for which it might be responsible. Sadly the long-awaited Angiolini Review, which reiterates the findings in our own report on non-natural deaths in detention, proves we’ve got a long way to go before we achieve any of these.

"The Government must use today’s findings to improve the ability of public authorities to serve the needs of people with mental health conditions, to eradicate unavoidable deaths in detention, and to ensure that the families of the deceased are able to access justice effectively. Without this, we are failing those in need of protection.”

Notes to editors

The independent review into deaths and serious incidents in custody, by Dame Elish Angiolini, began its work in October 2015.

Read more about the Commission's work on preventing deaths in detention of adults with mental health conditions.

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