Statement on the Bill of Rights

Published: 12 Jan 2023

The Human Rights Act has substantially improved human rights and access to justice for people in the UK. We are deeply concerned about the impact that the Bill of Rights would have on these protections. 

Pending a date being set for the Bill's second reading, we have given evidence to the Joint Committee on Human Rights highlighting a number of concerns.

We have serious concerns that the Bill, if passed without amendments, would: 

  • weaken the protection of human rights in the UK
  • reduce access to redress for breaches of human rights
  • have unwelcome implications in relation to balancing rights in the context of freedom of expression
  • have constitutional implications, including for the Union and devolution

It is vital that the government upholds the fundamental principles of the human rights framework that protects us all, in particular the universality of human rights, and we will continue to engage with the UK government to strengthen equality and human rights across Britain.

Read our evidence submission to the Joint Committee on Human Rights


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