Crime, Security, Policing and Counter-Terrorism Bill Briefings

This section contains briefings on the following Bills:

  • Crime and Security Bill
  • Policing and Crime Bill
  • Counter-Terrorism Bill

The Commission’s position on the Crime and Security Bill

The Commission broadly welcomes the Crime and Security Bill, which proposes a range of measures that impact on the criminal justice system. In particular, we welcome measures that seek to reduce information requirements for police stops and searches. However we are concerned that the Government’s proposals on the national DNA database fail to go far enough to give full effect to the judgment of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) in the case of S and Marper v United Kingdom (2008) and may remain in breach of Article 8.

The Commission also welcomes proposals on Domestic Violence Protection Notices and, in principle, we support the creation of additional powers for the police to take fingerprints and DNA samples from people who have been convicted of serious violent and sexual offences.

A strategic priority for the Commission is to secure improvement in the criminal justice system so that systemic discrimination is removed and respect for human rights is better promoted. The courts, police, probation and prison services are all part of this system.

Beyond the scope of this Bill, the Commission is looking at how the police deal with protected groups and is working with the National Offender Management Service to tackle discrimination and promote equality.

We are also looking at how the rights of people with mental health conditions or learning disabilities are met by the criminal justice system, the treatment of Muslim prisoners, achieving proportionate effects within the system, and at patterns of local provision and good practice for women who are exposed to violence. 

Last updated: 29 Jun 2016