Deregulation Bill - Second reading

House of Commons - Second reading

3 February 2014

The Joint Committee noted that the Commission is fully supportive of the intent behind the growth duty, but in its conclusions recommended that the fact that duty would not impact on the independence of regulators be made clear on the face of the Bill.

The Commission supports the Committee’s conclusion in order to avoid the risk of downgrading of our UN accredited NHRI status. In accordance with its recent track record, the Commission commits to voluntarily complying with the intentions and purpose behind the growth duty and the draft guidance in relation to our activities and exercise of our regulatory functions.

Our position on clause 2 remains the same; we consider that the power of an Employment Tribunal to make wider recommendations to an employer who has been found to have breached the Equality Act 2010 is useful and that the case has not been made for its abolition.

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Last updated: 05 May 2016