Enterprise Bill, Report Stage, House of Lords, 30 November 2015

Briefing supporting Government Amendment numbers 19 to 37 to Clauses 13 and 14 and Schedule 2

30 November 2015

This briefing supports Amendment 70AB to Clause 26 of the Enterprise Bill.

Clause 26 would enable public sector exit payments to be capped at a maximum of £95,000.  While the Commission supports the aim of this provision to ensure fairness and value for money for the taxpayer, in our analysis there is a risk that the cap on public sector exit payments could have an adverse effect on the settlement of discrimination claims.  Amendment 70AB would exclude payments awarded following, or made in settlement of, discrimination litigation from the cap, treating them in the same way as unfair dismissal and breach of contract payments.

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Last updated: 07 Apr 2016