Modern Slavery Bill: consideration of amendments by the House of Commons


17 March 2015

This briefing is in support of the government's proposed amendment in place of Lords Amendment No.72 to introduce a new Clause after Clause 51 of the Modern Slavery Bill to improve protection from exploitation for overseas domestic workers.

Commission's recommendation

Support the government's amendment.


Prior to 2012, overseas domestic workers were allowed to change employer without the need to apply for a new visa and could extend their visa with a view to long-term settlement.

This amendment introduces provisions allowing for an extension of an overseas domestic worker's visa for a minimum of 6 months where there is a conclusive decision that they are a victim of trafficking. They will be able to change employer for that 6-month period and will not be subject to immigration enforcement action where, in being referred by a UK competent authority to the National Referral Mechanism (NRM) to escape exploitation, they overstay or breach their conditions of leave by changing employer.

Download the full briefing: Modern Slavery Bill Consideration of amendments by the House of Commons

Last updated: 05 May 2016