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Public Bodies Bill

Text of the bill

The Public Bodies Bill published on 28 October 2010 aims to give ministers the power to abolish, merge or modify certain public bodies, including the Equality and Human Rights Commission. Details of parliamentary and Commission activity on the Bill can be found below.

The following pages provide links to the Public Bodies Bill and the explanatory notes, as well as current debates and amendments to the Bill.

For all queries relating to the Public Bodies Bill, please contact Finola Kelly, Head of Parliamentary Affairs.

Commission briefings

As part of the our duty to advise on legislation that has implications for equality and human rights, we have raised concerns about the impact of the Bill on bodies which require independence from government in order to perform their functions, including the Commission.

Implications of the Bill for the Commission

The Equality and Human Rights Commission is listed in three schedules in the Bill:

  • Power to modify constitutional arrangements
  • Power to modify funding arrangements
  • Power to modify or transfer functions

Other organisations’ briefings

We would welcome organisations that are involved in the passage of the Public Bodies Bill contacting the Commission to discuss their position. Please email the Stakeholder Team.

Last updated: 19 May 2016