Transgender equality, Backbench Business Debate, House of Commons

Transgender people, like all of us, have a fundamental human right not to be subjected to discriminatory harassment or violence and to enjoy their other rights, such as the right to work, be educated and access health care, without discrimination. 

The Women and Equalities Committee’s 2015 inquiry reveals substantial shortcomings in existing legal protection for transgender people and the areas in which trans people experience discrimination and inequality in their daily lives. The Government’s response to the inquiry was published on 7 July 2016. We believe that the response is unsatisfactory. Whilst it carefully recognises the issues raised in the inquiry, it does not commit to sufficient action to tackles the issues identified.

The Commission considers that the following actions would improve equality for transgender people:

  • Implementation or reinstatement of Equality Act 2010 provisions that have been repealed or not implemented
  • a broader definition of who is protected from transgender discrimination, to provide protection from discrimination and harassment for all those who face such treatment because of their gender identity
  • improved data collection, to develop the evidence base on key challenges to equality for transgender people
  • bringing together responsibility for equality within the UK Government and finding a permanent departmental home for it
  • a single strategy to lever progress in relation to the wide range of responsibilities of different Government departments
  • within this strategy, action to deliver specific improvements in health, education, and tackling stigma and hate crime.

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Last updated: 28 Feb 2017