Experiences from health and social care: the treatment of lower-paid ethnic minority workers

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First published: 09 Jun 2022

We carried out an inquiry to assess the treatment and experiences of lower-paid ethnic minority workers in health and social care, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We found:

  • incomplete data on lower-paid ethnic minority workers, particularly in adult social care
  • different treatment and experiences at work  
  • commissioning and outsourcing leading to poor pay and insecure work        
  • low awareness of employment rights     
  • fear of raising concerns and a lack of mechanisms to do so

We have published a report about our findings, including our recommendations for change.

We have also produced additional briefings for policymakers which go into further detail on what we want to see specifically in England, Scotland and Wales.

Download as PDF (2.2 MB) Download Welsh language version (PDF, 808 KB) Download England policy briefing (Word, 97 KB) Download Scotland policy briefing (Word, 99 KB) Download Wales policy briefing (164 KB) Download Wales policy briefing in Welsh (Word, 156 KB)