Managing the Downturn and Preparing for Recovery: A Short Guide

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First published: 01 Jun 2014

This is the cover for Managing the downturn and preparing for recovery - a short guide

This short guide sets out how employers can use flexible working and manage redundancies fairly in the current climate. We hope it will help you understand your rights and entitlements as an employer as well as those of your employees ‚Äď so that everybody, including you, is treated fairly and with dignity. 

The Directory at the back of this guide points you to a lot of detailed information, but if you have any additional concerns you should ask a lawyer or HR professional for their advice. You can also contact one of our helplines, please see the back cover for details. 

The Equality and Human Rights Commission is an independent public body that exists to promote fairness and equality and ensure the laws on equality and discrimination are upheld. Our remit is to be here for everyone, including business. 

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