Strategic Plan Revision for 2015/16


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First published: 01 Mar 2015

This is the cover of the Commission's Strategic plan revision for 2015/16

In 2012 the Commission published its published its three-year Strategic Plan. We have now revised the Plan to extend it to cover 2015/16, when we will be in a better position to thoroughly assess our progress and our future priorities. Since 2012 we have delivered significant programmes of work in line with our Strategic Plan, promoting and enforcing the laws which protect our rights to fairness, dignity and respect. 
In the next business year to March 2016, we will consolidate our ongoing work on deaths of adults with mental health conditions in State detention, on recruitment of women to Board positions in FTSE 350 companies, and on assessing the adequacy of the legal framework protecting religion or belief. We will also revisit our inquiry into disability-related harassment, with a report on progress against our recommendations to public authorities. We will continue our core activities as a National Human Rights Institution, including monitoring and reporting on United Nations human rights treaties, and scrutinising proposed legislation for both equality and human rights implications.

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