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First published: 10 Dec 2014

This is the Young people's rights and the CRC aabout the CRC factsheet

What is it?

The ‘Convention on the Rights of the Child’ is an agreement written by the member countries of United Nations about the rights of children and young people. We will call it ‘CRC’ for short.

What does it say?

The CRC lists over 40 rights belonging to children and young people called ‘Articles’, including:

• The right to express your views and have them taken into account    in matters that affect you (Article 12)

• The right to be free from all forms of violence (Article 19)

• The right to play, rest and leisure (Article 31)

The CRC says that in any decision about you, what is best for you should be a top priority. Check out the More Info page to learn more about all the rights in the CRC.

Is it for me?

The CRC is for everybody below the age of 18. Some rights in the CRC protect certain groups of young people. For example if you are living away from home or you’ve had to escape the country you were born in, there are rights to make sure you are treated fairly and your needs are met.

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