Young People's Rights and the CRC - Get involved (5 / 5)

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First published: 10 Dec 2014

This is the Young people's rights and the CRC get involed factsheet

Every five years a United Nations Committee of children’s rights experts (the ‘CRC Committee’) asks the UK government to tell them how it has been respecting and protecting children’s rights. This is known as the ‘examination process’.

The UK Government writes a report telling the Committee what it has been doing to protect children’s rights. Charities (or non-governmental organisations), the Children’s Commissioners, and the Equality and Human Rights Commission will tell the Committee how well they think the governments are doing at protecting children’s rights.

The Committee will recommend things the government should do to improve children’s rights. You can get involved in this! It’s really important that information about young people’s rights is shared with the Committee.

The Government has to send its next report to the CRC Committee next year. Check out the Get Involved Factsheet. You can also get in touch with the Children’s Rights Alliance for England at who will be bringing children and young people together to write their own report to the CRC Committee.

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