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An exemplar modern public service organisation

What we need to demonstrate

We will need to demonstrate that everything we do over the next three years is:


Adopting modern, flexible working practices with low overhead costs and high sustainability standards. Responding effectively and proportionately to rapidly changing events.


Acting consistently on the basis of objective evidence. Increasing the skills and knowledge of our staff. Working collegiately with a united sense of purpose. Consolidating our reputation with the public as the leading expert on equality and human rights in Britain.


Being resolute in our decisions and actions. Having the courage of our convictions and staying the course, even in a challenging environment. Following through to achieve maximum impact.


Working with partners on the basis of trust and respect. Valuing diverse perspectives. Listening and learning from our stakeholders so we can be responsive and nuanced, ensuring a distinct presence in England, Scotland and Wales.


Being transparent about our decisions and how we make them as an independent statutory body. Being outcomes-focused and responsible for how we use our resources. 

Last updated: 13 Apr 2016