Technical guidance for schools in England

Published: 1 July 2014

Last updated: 22 September 2023

What countries does this apply to?

  • England

This guidance was originally published in 2014. It has now been reviewed and updated to ensure its references to the protected characteristics of sex and gender reassignment reflect developments in this complex area of law and policy. These policy areas continue to evolve.

This Technical Guidance outlines the requirements of the Equality Act 2010 for schools in relation to the provision of education and access to benefits, facilities or services, both educational and non-educational. It provides an authoritative, comprehensive and technical guide to the detail of the law. The Guidance is aimed at those working in schools, lawyers, advocates, courts and tribunals, and everyone who needs to understand the law in depth or to apply it in practice.

This Guidance has been discussed and consulted upon with representatives from across the education sector, including school leaders, teachers and other stakeholders, government departments and trade unions. Their contributions have enriched and improved the text, and the Commission is grateful for their help.

Updated 22 September 2023:

  • p. 50: Removed FAQ 4.35.
  • p. 52: Amended example 4.7 to add ‘co-educational’. Replaced word ‘sister’ with ‘sibling’ in example 4.8.
  • p. 60: Amended comment on gender segregation in schools.
  • p. 87: Amended definition of gender reassignment.
  • p. 89: Amended definition of sex.
  • p. 90: Amended FAQ 5.131 to refer to protected characteristics of sex and gender reassignment (now FAQ 5.132).

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