Governance manual

Published: 4 March 2016

Last updated: 27 November 2023

What countries does this apply to?

  • England
  • Scotland
  • Wales

Our governance manual sets out the roles and responsibilities of the board, committees, senior management and other decision-making bodies. 

It outlines the rules, responsibilities, practices and behaviours that commissioners, committee members and officers must follow.

It includes:

  • the board’s duties and powers and delegations
  • the board's roles and responsibilities
  • the roles and responsibilities of our officers (including the Chief Executive, Executive Group and other decision-making bodies)
  • conduct and conflicts of interest
  • the development and effectiveness of the board and its committees

Board Effectiveness Reviews

As part of our routine governance processes, we commission Board Effectiveness Reviews. These are carried out to inform our Board and Executive as to whether whether it is operating effectively and has the structure, processes, people and performance to deliver. They highlight where improvements can be made and ensure that best practice is being followed.

As part of our ongoing governance and transparency review, we are now publishing the last Board Effectiveness Review. This was carried out in 2022. We are making good progress with implementation. It was commissioned following some changes on the Board, with the appointment of several new Commissioners, a new Chair in December 2020 and a new Chief Executive in September 2021.

All Commissioners on the Board at the time and a small number of senior managers fed into the review, which was led by an external independent agency specialising in board governance.

Our next Board Effectiveness Review will be carried out in due course.

Read our last Board Effectiveness Review (PDF).

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