Current investigation

Investigation and assessment into the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions

Read about our investigation into the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions.

4 June 2024

Previous inquiries, investigations and assessments

Investigation into Pontins

We are investigating whether Britannia Jinky Jersey Limited (Pontins) has committed unlawful acts…

15 February 2024

Experiences from health and social care: the treatment of lower-paid ethnic minority workers

We assessed the treatment and experiences of lower-paid ethnic minority workers in health and…

9 June 2022

Inquiry into challenging decisions about adult social care

In 2021 we launched an inquiry into how older and disabled adults and unpaid carers can challenge…

19 July 2021

Elite Careplus Limited recruitment investigation

We investigated the care agency, Elite Careplus Limited, after receiving evidence that it was…

1 July 2021

Investigation: does the BBC pay women and men equally for equal work?

We investigated suspected past pay discrimination against women at the British Broadcasting…

27 June 2021

Investigation into the Labour Party

We investigated allegations of antisemitism in the Labour Party.

29 October 2020

Assessment of hostile environment policies

We assessed how and whether the Home Office complied with its duties under the Public Sector…

1 July 2020

Inquiry into legal aid for victims of discrimination

We launched an inquiry to look at whether legal aid helps people who raise a discrimination…

19 June 2019