Monitoring and promoting UN treaties

Published: 14 October 2019

Last updated: 14 October 2019

What countries does this apply to?

  • England
  • Scotland
  • Wales

Visit our human rights tracker to see how UN treaties are monitored and whether the UK is meeting international standards. Search specific information on UN recommendations, government responses and what stage the UK is currently at in each review cycle.

As a National Human Rights Institution (NHRI), we monitor the UK’s compliance with the seven United Nations (UN) human rights treaties it has agreed to follow.

The rights in these treaties represent binding obligations in international law. That means the UK has pledged to make sure its domestic laws and policies comply with them.

We submit shadow reports on the progress made by the UK to the relevant UN Committees, who decide whether the UK is complying with the treaties.

The Scottish Human Rights Commission and the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission also submit reports covering the devolved human rights issues in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Civil society organisations can also submit shadow reports to the UN Committees. We support civil society to understand and use the treaties to improve government accountability.

The seven UN treaties

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